17th August 2024, Santosh Ma Online Live Zoom Course.

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Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths

The Eight Spiritual Breaths

12 Week Online Course

Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths

The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course is a planned, progressive methodology to provide one with the systematic steps required to achieve mastery in one’s life across all dimensions: physical, mental, and emotional.
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NOTE : It is best that those who wish to learn 'The Eight Spiritual Breaths' are not practicing any other kriyas or breath technique. If they are they need to completely stop it.

“It is good of you to have come to pay homage to your Master and be with him in his final hours. But what would have been even better is that you would have continued with your practice.” – The Buddha to his disciples


  1. Course Book PDF (Not downloadable)
  2. 12 Week Online Pre-Recorded Course Taught
    By Santosh Ma (34 videos)
  3. Support Videos by Santosh Ma (20 videos)
  4. Video Demonstration of the Breaths (8 videos)
  5. Audio Tracks of Affirmations (8 tracks)
  6. Time Table For Breaths Practice
  7. Self Test On Each Chapter
  8. Embodiment of Light PDF
  9. Detailed FAQs Section
  10. Extra Material Articles on Chakras & Nadis
  11. Please Read FAQs Section Before Joining the Course
  12. Available For 20 Weeks After Registration

Testimonial : Sri Rohit Arya On How The Eight Spiritual Breaths Will Transform You


Testimonial of Michael Medof, Property Manager, USA

The Eight Spritual Breaths Zoom Course - Students' Apprection

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Knowledge Sharing Courses

The Knowledge Sharing courses are open to seekers on any path as it may help their undertsanding and deepen their practice.

Origins of The Eight Spiritual BreathsSantosh Ma's spiritual awakening has been unique. The question surfaced in her mind, “Who am I, where do I come from and where am I going?" Almost immediately, she found herself embarking on a spiritual journey with visions that surfaced within her mind's eye during her daily meditations. These visions were illustrated by her and depict the several phases the human body and mind goes through in the process of awakening.

Origins of The Eight Spiritual BreathsIt is perhaps for the first time in the history of spiritual literature that the process of awakening has been documented in such vivid detail, in the form of illustrations. They depict the workings of the Kundalini Shakti towards the purification and activation of energy centers present in the subtle body, leading to a transformation of the human body, mind, and intellect. The result is a deep, positive influence on daily living.

Origins of The Eight Spiritual BreathsThese courses are video recordings of Zoom classes that were conducted by Santosh Ma. They include deep insights and understandings that Santosh Ma gained over the course of 20 years, since her experience of awakening. The courses are full of experiential wisdom and provide an excellent reference map with significant signposts for students on the path of spiritual unfoldment, yoga, and meditation.

NOTE : It is important that the seeker does not rush into understanding this knowledge and approaches it in a slow and steady manner with honor, respect and commitment. As one slowly progresses to watch the different series of videos, the seeker gains a greater understanding of the mind and how it affects the subtle body. This greater understanding helps create a shift in the seeker’s own consciousness and supports their journey of self evolution.

The slow and steady pace is created to allow for the body-mind organism to slowly adjust itself to greater understanding. This is the reason the Spiritual Evolution Series have to be approached and viewed in a step by step manner. We view the Spiritual Evolution 1, then Spiritual Evolution 2 and finally Spiritual Evolution 3. The video recordings are available for a fair amount of time to support the seeker in his/her journey.

Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths


Understanding the Role of Chakras
and Kundalini Shakti
12 Videos

In this Course, Santosh Ma takes students through the journey of the evolution of the individual consciousness, from the 'unconscious' to a highly aware and spiritually aligned way of living.

The Course covers:

  • The human mind - home of thoughts, feelings and intellect
  • The importance of the right flow of Prana
  • Role of Chakras (energy centers) in daily living
  • Understanding the Kundalini Shakti
  • The importance of the Guru
  • Available for 20 weeks after registration

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Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths


Shaktipat and Blossoming Of the Spiritual Heart
4 Videos

In this Course, Santosh Ma explains how consciousness starts its process of ascension, which culminates in the blossoming of the Spiritual Heart. It is perhaps for the first time in the history of spiritual literature that the process of the ascent of consciousness and blossoming of the Spiritual Heart has been documented in such vivid detail.

The Course covers:

  • How creation begins
  • The manifestation of the Atma
  • The manifestation of the Jeev-Atma
  • The ascent of Consciousness
  • The meeting of the Jeev-Atma with the Atma at Anahat chakra
  • The blossoming of Spiritual Heart
  • Available for 8 weeks after registration

Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths

“To the right of the chest lies the spiritual heart where the Creator dwells.” – The Eight Spiritual Breaths

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Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths


Journey of the Atman
From the Spiritual Heart to the Sahasrar
3 Videos

As the kundalini shakti moves upwards, clearing all blockages in it's path of ascension, one discovers that at each stage the individual is evolving to a higher level of consciousness.

Only when the Ajna completely opens up and wisdom prevails, the kundalini shakti is then able to move into the Sahasrar chakra. However, this process of “The Sacred Journey To The Sahasrar’, cannot be willed. The essence of this amazing journey, its various milestones, the accompanying attributes, and the role of Grace, are shared in great detail by Santosh Ma with the support of her powerful sacred visuals. Such a detailed visual depiction is rare and unique.

The Course covers:

  • Spiritual Ladder : The necessity of ascension and Grace
  • Spiritual Hand : The support from ascended masters
  • Celestial Bird : The descent of supreme knowledge
  • Shaktipat - Act of Grace : The final steps of ascension, can be challenging
  • Body of Gold : The importance of complete cleansing & purification of the human body and mind
  • The Region of Om : The cosmic connection
  • Available for 6 weeks after registration

Origins of The Eight Spiritual Breaths

“...our true being is the reality that never changes, and is not bound by time or space. It is immortal and self-existent. It always was, is, and ever will be.” The EIght Spiritual Breaths

INR 20,000

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The information contained in “The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course Book’ and the ‘Knowledge Sharing Courses’ are not intended to serve as a replacement for professional medical advice. Any use of the information in the book and the courses is at the partcipants discretion. ‘The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course’ and ‘The Knowledge Sharing Courses’ author specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained in the book or the various courses.

The author does not recommend the self-management of health or mental health problems. You should never disregard medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of something you have learned in this book or these courses. Please note that once the students complete the various Courses they are not allowed to teach the The Eight Spiritual Breaths to others, unless specifically certified by ‘The Eight Spiritual Breaths’ team. ‘The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course’ and ‘The Knowledge Sharing Courses’ are a structured self-study and self-development programme that shouldn’t be taken lightly.