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The Eight Spiritual Breaths

12 Weeks Online Main Course

The Eight Spiritual Breaths
A Powerful System Of Self-Transformation

The Eight Spiritual Breaths originated in Tibet. It is an Ancient self-transformational system of 8 Breathing Exercises followed by Affirmations and Meditation.

The 8 Breaths are taught once a week, across 12 weeks. Each Breath acts upon a different energy center in the body. The daily practice of these breaths supports :

  • Good physical health,
  • Stability of the mental state
  • Emotional well-being
  • Helps the individual practitioner blossom into their fullest potential.
This course was brought to the west from Tibet by the English journalist Edwin John Dingle also known as Ding Le Mei who in 1927 began teaching this course as “Science of Mental Physics” in California. The practice of these Breathing Exercises was conducted in India by Swami K. S. Ramanathan under the aegis of The Brahma Vidya Mission. Swami Ramanathan’s student, Justice M.L Dudhat also taught this course as Mental Physics in Mumbai. Santosh Ma studied The Eight Spiritual Breaths under the guidance of Justice Dudhat Ji.

Meet Santosh Ma

Santosh Sachdeva with the practice of The Eight Spiritual Breaths has undergone and intensively experienced the workings of the Kundalini energy. In her daily meditations she downloaded over 300 visuals that explain the whole process of human unfoldment. Santosh Ma brings with Her this in-depth

understanding when she teaches The Eight Spiritual Breaths course. This course provides a step-by-step guide that can support householders to walk on the path to human evolution. Read More
understanding when she teaches The Eight Spiritual Breaths course. This course provides a step-by-step guide that can support householders to walk on the path to human evolution. Read More

The Eight Spiritual Breaths Helps You

 The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course is designed to help individuals access the unlimited potential lying dormant within them. The Course combines instructions for the eight breathing exercises, along with their respective Affirmations and guidance for Meditation.

More Harmony In Relationships

Greater Ease and Joy In Life

Ability to Find Answers More Easily

Ability To See Beyond One’s Own Conditioning

Decreased Anxiety

Reduced Stress

Greater Ability to Focus

Optimistic Attitude

Improved Physical Health

Improved Immunity

Ability to Find Answers More Easily

Mental Clarity

Improved Functioning of Chakras

Increased Inner Strength & Confidence

Enhanced Creative Potential

Greater Peace

The Eight Spiritual Breaths Is For :

  1. Those who wish to have good health.
  2. Those who wish to know the ‘meaning of life’.
  3. Those who wish to find the answer to the question ‘Who Am I’ ?
  4. Those who wish to access a new consciousness and way of living.
  5. Those who wish to be equanimous in all circumstances.
  6. Those who wish to find peace and happiness within.
  7. Those who have a curious mind to journey within.
  8. Those who want to unlock the mysterious power of their breath.
  9. Those who wish to dive deeper into their inner world.
  10. Those who want to Awaken to their highest potential.

Why Learn The Eight Spiritual Breaths?

Students Sharing About The Eight Spiritual Breaths

Sri Rohit Arya On How The Eight Spiritual Breaths Will Transform You

“There is a power within us which, when we fully understand it, we should be able to control. And, it should render us immune from those conditions that cause disease, disharmony and imbalance on every plane of our existence.” – The Eight Spiritual Breaths

The Course Structure

Chapters 1 to 8 of the Course book – can be covered in two weeks.
(Week 1-2)
Student Reads Before Classes Start Chapter 1: Chakras: The Energy Transformers
Chapter 2: Kundalini Shakti
Chapter 3: Signs of the Awakening Kundalini
Week 1 Chapter 4: Empowering the Mind
Chapter 5: Prana and Pranayama
Week 2 Chapter 6: Pranayama: Preparation for the Breaths
Chapter 7: The Breaths
Chapter 8: Affirmations
Chapters 9 to 16 – will each require a week. (Week 3-10)
The student must practice each breath for a full week before starting the next breath.
This will continue with the breaths that follow.
Week 3Chapter 9: The Memory Development Breath
Week 4Chapter 10: The Revitalisation Breath
Week 5Chapter 11: The Inspirational Breath
Week 6Chapter 12: The Physical Perfection Breath
Week 7Chapter 13: The Vibro-Magnetic Breath
Week 8Chapter 14: The Cleansing Breath
Week 9Chapter 15: The Grand Rejuvenation Breath
Week 10Chapter 16: Your Own Spiritual Breath


Chapters 17 to 20 – can be completed in one week. (Week 11) The student should study these four chapters. This is to ensure that he/she has a good understanding of the subject.
Week 11 Chapter 17: Wisdom gained through the Breaths
Chapter 18: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body
Chapter 19: Thought Forms
Chapter 20: Energy Blocks & Un-Ease
Chapters 21 to 24 – to be read during the week and understood by the student. (Week 12)
Week 12 Chapter 21: Preparation for Meditation
Chapter 22: Meditation
Chapter 23: Meditational Affirmations and Negations
Chapter 24: Awakening

What’s Included In The Program?

The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course Book (PDF)

It is recommended for students to order your hard copy from here: Yogi Impressions or Amazon

According to legend, among ancient Tibetan teachings was a set of powerful Breathing Exercises designed to help human beings realise their highest potential.

A sincere and dedicated practice of the Eight Breathing Exercises, along with their respective Affirmations, can result in:

  • Enhancement of creative potential
  • Increased levels of calmness
  • Improved health and higher energy levels
  • Achievement of personal goals in an effortless manner.

The course provides one with all the necessary steps required to achieve mastery of one`s life across all dimensions.

‘The Eight Spiritual Breaths’ is intended to serve as a guide to aspirants on the spiritual path and enable an increased and better understanding of who we are, and why we are here. The Eight Spiritual Breaths has come at a time when we are now ready to take the challenge and responsibility of our own personal and spiritual growth.

“In the cerebro-spinal system there are many centres awaiting regeneration and this is achieved through right breathing.” - The Eight Spiritual Breaths

“Only a dedicated, determined practice delivers results and manifests the truths you are seeking and learning” - Santosh Ma

What’s Included In The Program?

12 Online Video Lessions by Santosh Ma
(34 videos)


20 Video Support Talks By Santosh Ma


8 Video Demonstrations of The Eight Spiritual Breaths


8 Audio Tracks of the Affirmations For Each Breath


Breaths and Affirmations Quick Access Cards (PDF)


Time Table For Breaths Practice


Article on Decoding the Chakras


Swami Jyotirmayananda


A short Biography of Swami Jyotirmayananda, the founder of Brahma Vidya in India. It will give aspirants a deeper understanding of his life.


Testimonial of Devesh Khilwani, Cornell University, USA

Testimonial of Michael Medof, Property Manager, USA

Testimonial of Anthony Costeseque, Google, France

Testimonial of Gino Seekunto, Optician, France

I am a person who has followed instructions from books very carefully and thereby learned and acquired skills and prowess I would not ordinarily have. I have been doing just that with The Eight Spiritual Breaths with beautiful results and much progress. Thank you so much for this excellent book and Course. Everything you say in the book is not only perfectly understandable to me, but taking me in an intensely positive new direction, physically, and in every other way, and I thank you for that very much.

Mike Roozen


TESB has been a powerful mental support for me. They keep me overall healthy, and have given me a lot of mental strength to face problems and tough situations. They have also been a very big teacher in the sense that they contain in a very short form the essence of most spiritual teachings. When I watch spiritual teachers and read spiritual books, many of the things the teachers try to pass on to the people are found in the Affirmations. I am happy with the Course and I can only pray for the grace and strength to be steadfast in my practice and start experiencing its mystical side.

Wongibe Mberile

Student, Africa

The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is for me the ‘missing link’ which I have searched for all my life. Here in my hand, I at last held the key to my spiritual advancement in its totality. The breathing exercises instil the body with strength and the accompanying affirmations are empowering. The Course is a gift that is ours for the taking. As I read TESB new pathways opened up and routes to an enlightened, conscious living lay before me. It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. It just sits so right with me.

Christina Qureshi

Medical Practice Manager, Australia

TESB has been not only my anchor but also the propulsion along the path of my life. The effects have ranged from an increase in physical health to an expanded understanding of an emotional, intellectual and spiritual nature. I feel that practising the TESBs has been life changing for me. I feel thankful and blessed.

Amanda Knopp

Hatha Yoga Instructor, UK

Working with The Eight Spiritual Breaths is a gift the universal consciousness is offering to whoever is ripe enough to open up to the essence of life – being a universal vessel for consciousness to unfold according to the cosmic journey. The Breaths manage their ways through your DNA, upgrading it to accommodate more light which results in a frequency shift and limitless healing.

Nadia Erraja Rodriguez

Personal Development Teacher, France

I took on TESB practice two years ago and I consider it the protector of my energy. I am a psychotherapist so I have to process a lot, and I can say without a doubt that TESB plays a foremost role in keeping me clear, fresh, and joyful.

Alicia Torres

Psychotherapist, Venezuela

17th August 2024-3rd November 2024 : Santosh Ma Online Course

Duration : Every Saturday Time : 5:30-7:00pm

An Online live zoom course by Santosh Ma.

Fees for New Students

TESB Online Course : $140
Zoom Access : $35

Total : $180

TESB Fees for
Existing Students

Zoom Access Fees

Total : $35