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Students Testimonial, The EIght Spiritual Breaths

The Eight Spiritual Breaths & How They Transform You, Sri Rohit Arya

Kia Scherr, Meditator, USA
Michael Medof, Property Manager, USA
Anthony Costeseque, Google, France
Devesh Khilwani, Student, Cornell University USA
Konark Bhandari, Entrepreneur, Mumbai
Gino Seekunto, Optician, France
Shiven Shandilya, Scientist, USA
Meenakshi Iyengar, Solopreneur. Mumbai
Bhakti Satnam, Mumbai
Ramesh Venugopal, USA
Mithun Varma, Entrepreneur, Chennai

I am a person who has followed instructions from books very carefully and thereby learned and acquired skills and prowess I would not ordinarily have. I have been doing just that with The Eight Spiritual Breaths with beautiful results and much progress. Thank you so much for this excellent book and Course. Everything you say in the book is not only perfectly understandable to me, but taking me in an intensely positive new direction, physically, and in every other way, and I thank you for that very much.

Mike Roozen

TESB have been a powerful mental support for me. They keep me overall healthy, and have given me a lot of mental strength to face problems and tough situations. They have also been a very big teacher in the sense that they contain in a very short form the essence of most spiritual teachings. When I watch spiritual teachers and read spiritual books, many of the things the teachers try to pass on to the people are found in the Affirmations.

I am happy with the Course and I can only pray for the grace and strength to be steadfast in my practice and start experiencing its mystical side.

Wongibe Mberile
Student, Africa

The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is for me the ‘missing link’ which I have searched for all my life. Here in my hand, I at last held the key to my spiritual advancement in its totality. The breathing exercises instil the body with strength and the accompanying affirmations are empowering. The Course is a gift that is ours for the taking. As I read TESB new pathways opened up and routes to an enlightened, conscious living lay before me. It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. It just sits so right with me.

Christina Qureshi
Medical Practice Manager, Australia

TESB have been not only my anchor but also the propulsion along the path of my life. The effects have ranged from an increase in physical health to an expanded understanding of an emotional, intellectual and spiritual nature. I feel that practising the TESBs has been life changing for me. I feel thankful and blessed.

Amanda Knopp
Hatha Yoga Instructor, UK

Working with The Eight Spiritual Breaths is a gift the universal consciousness is offering to whoever is ripe enough to open up to the essence of life – being a universal vessel for consciousness to unfold according to the cosmic journey. The Breaths manage their ways through your DNA, upgrading it to accommodate more light which results in a frequency shift and limitless healing. The subtle bodies align, and as a result a higher reality becomes available to your vessel. Understanding pours out from deep within – You and the Creator are one. My deepest gratitude to you Master Santosh.

Nadia Erraja Rodriguez
Personal Development Teacher,
Nice, France

I took on TESB practice two years ago and I consider it the protector of my energy. I am a psychotherapist so I have to process a lot, and I can say without a doubt that TESB plays a foremost role in keeping me clear, fresh, and joyful.

Alicia Torres
Psychotherapist, Venezuela

The Eight Spiritual Breaths have a constant impact on my life path, they are alive and every practice, every inhale, every exhale, every affirmation, every meditation infuses my Heart, dances and consumes me more and more in this surrender to the simplicity of life, every moment is freed from everything I imagined it should be and is returned to what it has always been, the flow of life.

The Eight Spiritual Breaths lived in willingness, patience and love reveal the Gaze of the Living One in fusion with Life.
I feel infinite gratitude for Santosh Ma and the Mirror she embodies to reveal ourself and live the answer to the question "Who/What am I?"

But there's something even more extraordinary, it's a personal path, in which we give everything away, and yet the impact is extraordinary all around us, at the start it's not necessarily expected, and I am certainly not asking you to believe what I'm saying, but to really experience it and give your own response to it.

Anthony Costeseque
Google, France

The Eight Spiritual Breaths sadhana is designed to activate various energy centres and glands in the body.
The changes brought about is at a cellular level, regulation of hormones thus causing hormonal changes in the body.

As it is known that cells communicate via photons or light, this sadana increases the volume and amperage of electrical conductivity of the cells. There is also the word ‘light’ used a lot in the affirmation which when recited daily, ‘reprograms’ the neural pathway and is registered in the psyche for later activation in the course of time.

My experiences with this process have been quite remarkable. Increased states of joy and happiness experienced.

Gino Seekunto
Optician, France

I started TESB during a very turbulent time in my life and it helped me tremendously! I feel lighter, clearer, more empowered, grounded and calm. I am most grateful to Santosh Ma for her loving presence and wisdom.

Jane Griffiths
Homemaker, Hong Kong

TESB has changed my life for the better, and in what feels like a very short amount of time. Prior to this Course, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with a Kundalini Yoga program I had been practicing for a few years, and I was actively seeking something different. Filtering through the various offerings I could find, both online and locally, I read and heard many great claims, but I was never convinced that they could be backed up, or fully deliver on their promises.

So, I was sceptical when coming to this Course as well, but the proof came to me within a couple months of daily practice of the Breaths and Affirmations. It came in the form of increased energy, mental clarity, a general sense of well-being, increased (and ever-increasing) awareness, decreased anxiety, and overall, much greater harmony in my life and relationships. Most striking though, is the growing gratitude and admiration I feel for Santosh Ma, for her wisdom and guidance, in the oftentimes simple insights and suggestions that she offers. I feel so blessed, and like I have truly "won the lottery" in terms of having discovered and become, a part of this great program.

Michael Medof
Property manager, USA

Practicing TESB has given me a lot of energy and enthusiasm along with higher levels of calmness in daily life. There is always a sense of progress and learning.

Apart from the practice, listening to Santosh Ma itself provides immense learning. She explains very subtle concepts in a simple way. I always find myself extracting something new each time I listen to her.

Devesh Khilwani
Student, USA

The clairvoyance with which Santosh Ma has presented the information in TESB, and the way the visualisation has come to her, is so divine that many lifetimes of preparation must have gone into it. Our deep heartfelt gratitude for the guidance.

We are evolving rapidly as a result of the Course. Years of work have finally led us to the path of being able to actualise the experience of the Truth. It would be difficult to even know where to start and where to end! Every time we read the Course Book, a new sentence pops up in one’s mind and reveals a deeper insight. This book is not written by a person but ‘channelled with insight’ without involving the thinking mind.

Ramesh and Shoba Venugopal
Entrepreneur, Atlanta, USA

I have been doing TESB for the last year and a half without missing a single day and it has changed my life. Mentally… I seem to comprehend the subtleties of life with much clarity. Desire for material things has lessened, yet appreciation for what comes in life has increased. The biggest blessing is lessening of the ego as one becomes a witness to the blessings of the greater forces as awareness increases by the day. My thanks to Sri Guru Rohit Arya, Santoshji, the lineage, and Mahadev.

Ami Desai
IT Professional, USA

I have been practising TESB for a couple of years. The big impact on my life is that I am much happier and stronger than I used to be. My chronic sinus has completely disappeared. The breaths have brought changes – some that are obvious and some very subtle. In short, the breaths have brought joy, clarity, and improved my health and my life.

Divya Talwar
Artist, USA

I have noticed changes in my day to day approach to external situations as well as a greater internal awareness. I feel confident that I now have the beginnings of a process, which followed with diligent commitment, will provide me with the inner guidance and spiritual support. I only wish I had received such Grace in the form of this teaching decades ago!

Shivender Shandilya
Scientist, USA

I read and re-read the Course Book and I discover something new each time. I have an autoimmune condition, which has come under control without medication in the last year-and-a-half, through the practice of the Breaths. I find this very fascinating.

There is a longing to do the Breaths every day. I have found it’s still better to do the Breaths later during the day if one can’t do them in the morning, rather than skip them entirely. On the days when I skip them, it feels as if I have lost something dear to me. Doing the Breaths makes me feel energetic. At times I experience sudden bursts of joy during the day.

I want to say ‘Thank you’ for guiding me in this practice. I bow to you Santosh Ma.

Malavika Beedu
Psychological Counsellor, Australia

The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Integral Yoga’ in practice, it is leading a divine life in a divine body. It is of immense use to those who want to scale to higher levels of consciousness and open themselves to the Supramental light.

Ramaswamy Subhramony
HOD, The Madurai College, Tamil Nadu

With about eight weeks of practicing TESB, I am experiencing expansion of my mind. I am able to have some experience of my subtle body. Earlier, my mind was somewhat empty and silent, but the silence was accompanied with a feeling of dryness. But, now I am observing that the feeling of dryness is gone, I am more receptive... Definitely, I am preparing and conditioning (or de-conditioning) myself for the realisation about which I have only read so far.

Satyajeet Dash
Dy Director General, AIR & Doordarshan, Prasar Bharti, Mumbai

I came to TESB battered and broken. I had no discipline in my life. TESB has been the one constant in my daily life, and the anchor for me to rebuild and reconstruct. Other things are changing for the better. Starting from a place of fragmentation, I am slowly becoming whole again.

Indradeep Ghosh
Educator, PhD, Mumbai

TRANSFORMATION is the overwhelming sense that comes to mind when describing TESB and their impact on my being. I was made aware of the different dimensions - emotional, physical, mental and energy. In my personal experience, TESB went about the process of transformation in a holistic manner, leaving no dimension untouched. My experience involved cleansing/purification, energising and re-coding/alignment down to the very building blocks of my existence.

I was led to understand that most of what we define as our ‘individual’ being is but the composite of our recursive tendencies, patterns, emotional and karmic baggage. This leads us to the current set of experiences we call ‘life'. TESB goes about breaking this cycle through powerful breathing exercises and even more powerful affirmations. The affirmations at one level carried out the cleansing and energising, but at a deeper and much more powerful level are designed to reprogram and align one to the very core and limitless aspect of the Ultimate Reality within and without.

Konark Bhandari
Business Development Executive, Mumbai

For the past few years I lived with a medical condition wherein allopathy had no answers. TESB, in just a few months of starting them, is working on cleansing my entire DNA system. Are there many visible changes? My emotions have not disappeared, but now I have learnt to modulate them for a more effective communication, resulting in a definitive reduction in my levels of blood pressure and stress. My fear of accepting change is reducing with each day, as I continue to practice the Breaths daily.

Anuj Joshi
Investment Banker, Mumbai

The Breaths gave me immense energy, enhanced my strength and immunity, and I never fell ill during the course of my practice.

I realised that powerful Affirmations do not only mean that I say them as loudly as I can, but also to believe in them and implement them in everyday life. I learnt to let go of the baggage I was carrying for all these years, as well as all the preconditioning, to see things with a new understanding and from the right perspective, and adhere to the everlasting, unchanging laws of the universe.

Sanjay Vaid
Business – Financial Markets, Mumbai

I must compliment you for 'The Eight Spiritual Breaths' Course Book. It is an excellent treatise. Since I have attended Brahma Vidya classes with another teacher: the basic course as well as advanced course thereafter which ran for 2 years, it was very easy to follow your book. I must admit I learnt many new aspects of these Breathing Exercises.

From the time I completed the Brahma Vidya course I had been doing the exercises off and on. Your book has given me the will and enthusiasm to do them regularly, in fact daily, without a break. I keep your book handy and refer to it as one would refer to the Holy Gita.

Uday Kirtikar
Retired, Mumbai

A Guru is one who shines a light on our spiritual journey. She demonstrates, through her presence, the joy and grace of spiritual discovery; showing us that the path ahead may be steep but not impossible. She simplifies and makes the inner cosmos accessible and available.

I feel like I have been knocking on many spiritual doors all my life and finally found the door home. The Affirmations of The Eight Spiritual Breaths Course have opened up avenues which I thought didn't exist and my life's mission has taken clearer shape. Everything is the same, yet everything is different. The practice of TESB clears the mind and helps me connect with what is real and true.

For Guru Ma and her presence in my life, I am truly blessed and grateful.

Seema Buckshee
Director, Manjhi Development Foundation for Skilling, Mumbai

Regular practice of TESB has changed me. The changes are at such a deep level, that there is no going back. The energy worked at a subtle level, and I didn't even realise when and how the changes were occurring. The anger vanished, the anxiety left me; what remained is a serene calm. After the Course, I instinctively started to feel for others and see their point of view in different situations. Physically too, I have found that my stamina has increased and so has the prana-shakti. With the meditation that followed the Breaths, I felt a deep quietude, both inner and outer, that goes on increasing day by day.

Sunita Tiwari
Astrologer, Mumbai

I have been practicing TESB for the last 15 years under the guidance of Guruji Santosh Sachdeva. This has transformed me from an unconscious mass of consciousness into a conscious, alive, energetic life form. It took me on a journey of the unknown, revealing the mysteries of the world and the Self. The transformation has happened at the physical, mental and emotional levels. My personality comprised of 3 C’s - crying, complaining, criticising. It has now changed into 3 A’s – accepting, appreciating, allowing. The sadhana over the years has helped in breaking down old conditionings and karmic patterns, in order to realize my hidden potentials and experience love, freedom and joy in totality.

Shubhda Vaid
Entrepreneur, Grace Occasions, Mumbai

Guruji—the very thought brings forth many emotions. Her teachings touch the core of my heart. For many years, I was in search of a spiritual practice that would help me connect with my inner self as well as connect with something bigger than myself. And now I know. I practice TESB; that is my ‘Sadhana’. The interesting thing about my Practice is that every day, a new meaning unfolds.

I am very grateful to Santosh Ma for introducing me to my Sadhana. I know that she understands my Sadhana and knows it more than I do. I know no words to describe my meditation with Guruji. From the moment I close my eyes, up until the time she says “Om” to end the meditation, I am enveloped with an energy I have never experienced before. Each cell in my body experiences it. Guruji, thank you so very much for giving me so much. I shall be forever grateful.

Mamata Asthana
Business and Life Coach, Mumbai

The foremost change was learning how powerful my thoughts are. I have started sorting out the thoughts as ‘what is mine’ and ‘what is not’. Slowly, things within are changing as I feel, think and then act accordingly. It is compelling to dwell on the past, or on thoughts of negativity, but to be determined is what the process is all about, and the Breaths made it happen for me. As my awareness increased, my thoughts didn't overwhelm me anymore.

The second learning was how important the life force within us is. I learnt how powerful I can make my own body, mind and spirit with my breath. My body got charged, became vibrant, energetic and motivated. My stamina increased. Now, every day seems brighter, happier and a new adventure to live through. The happiness is visible not only to me but to everyone around me. With the practice every day, I feel as if all is well and I am being taken care of by a universal force. My new persona has started to shine.

Vandna Soni
Homemaker, Reiki practitioner, Tarot student, Mumbai

I wake up every morning with a sense of anticipation. What a wonderful feeling to wake up to know your day involves a practice, rather, a dialogue between the Creator and the created. That's what TESB is to me after 12 weeks of the Course!

Radhika Chopra
Transformation Coach, Mumbai

After practicing TESB and being in Santosh Ma's presence for the weekly online Meditations, I have become so calm. I have become more conscious of what I see or listen. I feel I have become more sensitive to the energy around. I had lower back pain for more than three years which gave me sleepless nights and I had difficulty in walking. It just seems to have disappeared. My heartfelt thank you to Guruji Santosh Ma because I feel it would have not been possible without her presence. I really feel blessed to be in her presence.

Bhakti Satam
Homemaker, Mumbai

I share my experiences with utmost gratitude towards Guru Santosh Ma. TESB have taught me lessons of lifetimes. The breaths and affirmations have changed my life 360 degrees. My old self has dropped away and it feels I am reborn in the same lifetime. They work like a miracle if done with faith. Physically, the body feels cleansed with unwanted and unknown emotions and behaviours that hamper an individual's progress. On the other hand, a daily practice opens up new thoughts that connect you to your real self. I learnt to react less when I get triggered. I also smile a lot more than before. My restlessness has decreased and I am now more patient. These affirmations work at a cellular level and I feel more positive and energetic. If someone asks me to sum up what I have gained, I would say, "I have gained immense peace within me." I feel blessed to have attended the 12 week zoom course with Santosh Ma and feel fortunate to meet her in this lifetime.

Soojata Satnam
Homemaker, Mumbai

For a long time, my life's journey didn't make sense to me. It felt like some of the key pieces from the puzzle of my life were missing. But, when I found myself in the presence of my Guruji Sri Santosh Ma, my journey finally started making sense. From the moment I first saw Guruji Santosh Ma speak about her spiritual journey, I felt this powerful flow of shakti that put me in a spontaneous meditative state. It was truly powerful.

I've been practicing TESB for the last 9 months and all throughout I have felt the presence of this invisible force that has been guiding me and transforming me in ways that I hadn't even expected. One of the most significant developments that I have experienced is that this practice has made me more aware of my habitual thought and behaviour patterns. I have also observed that I am more measured in my reaction to situations that would have otherwise shocked me. I feel more stable and grounded in my being.

Above all, I feel most grateful for Guruji's grace that has softened me and sensitized me to the presence of the God that lives within me, that is alive within me.

I truly feel blessed to have Guru Ma's Divine presence in my life.

Ashima Kaul
Homemaker, Gurgaon

With the daily practice of TESB, I started feeling more energetic, vibrant, calm and peaceful. Over the four years of practice of the Breaths and meditation, I have undergone a lot of changes and have felt a new awakening of peace. Earlier I used to base my life on others’ opinions but now I have started living for myself. I now respect my life and am loving it.

Asha Jhaveri
Restaurateur, Mumbai

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