17th August 2024, Santosh Ma Online Live Zoom Course.


The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is a self-development Course meant for enhancing your potential, and transforming your experience of life. This self-study Course combines instructions for the Eight Breathing Exercises, along with their respective Affirmations and guidance for Meditation, that have to be practised daily. (The daily practice could take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on your comfort levels with the Breaths.) This Course has been designed to reach out to aspirants across the globe.

The Course is a further elaboration and refinement of the principles taught in the Brahma Vidya Course. In this Course we delve deeper into the spiritual and subtle aspects of Brahma Vidya, which results in an enriched understanding of our relationship with God and the Universe. For more details visit the About section.

The practise of these Breaths results in: enhancement of your creative potential, increased levels of calmness, attainment of robust health, and higher energy levels. The Course helps you to achieve mastery in your life across all dimensions. In essence, it is designed to ensure that one beats to the rhythm of the Universe. They help you work through the deepest parts of your subconscious and unconscious blocks, with grace and ease. You can then live the life you are meant to live by achieving your highest potential and thereby fulfilling your purpose in life.

The Course duration is for 14 weeks. However, the practise of these Breaths is a life long journey, and has to be integrated into your daily schedule. The impact and extent of the benefits will depend on your sincerity, dedication, and receptivity towards the Course.

After you have gone through the FAQs and the Course Material, go to the Courses section and register and make the payment. Once we receive the payment, your account will be automatically activated and you will receive an email with the url for Log In to the TESB Learning Platform for the specific course you have enrolled for.

If we have joined the Course of TESB with a certain goal, then it is best that the instruction be followed diligently. That means the Breaths must be done in sequence because they lock into each other, preferably in the morning. Any fragmented practice will give fragmented results.

Except for Anuloma-Viloma that is also part of TESB, no other Breath technique should be practised. With every technique a certain pathway is created for energy to follow; if techniques are mixed confusion is created in the flow of energy and that is not good for the nervous system. TESB is a serious study and once started, it has to be completed. Students are advised not to stop it in between. TESB is a technique that is complete in itself with Breathing exercises, Affirmations and Meditation. Gentle Yoga asanas may be done prior to doing TESB. Meditation (with focus on breathing / syllable), is not to be done. You may do Yoga Nidra at your convenience. Don’t make it part of the Breaths.

The Breaths and Affirmations play a three-fold role: 1. They clear the path by removing hurdles or blocks in the nadi system. 2. This in turn makes a clear pathway for the energy to awaken and ascend 3. The Affirmations guide the energy.

If you are regular in your practice, that is, you do it at a fixed time, fixed place, and follow the instructions diligently, then the energy will work towards clearing the blocks in the heart and move ahead.

Any spiritual practice that one follows will ultimately lead to the goal one has set for oneself. It is one’s sincerity and dedication that gives the desired result. You are advised to stay with Kriya Yoga, as mixing any two techniques could create complications. If you decide to stop the Kriya Yoga and start TESB, then a minimum gap of six months is advised before you begin with TESB.

You will have to see how it aligns with your mantra sadhana. Usually, TESB Affirmations (mantras) complement the mantra sadhana. How it turns out for you, you will know for yourself once you start the daily practice of TESB.

These Breaths are not to be practiced by those who are under any psychiatric treatment or suffering from depression.

The practice has to be regular. If you are unable to maintain a regular practice because of health issues, we would advise you not to enrol for the Course.

When you join the Course you cannot teach another person simultaneously for the simple reason that you are a beginner and don’t know the subject yourself, nor are you sure whether you are performing the Breaths correctly. Each Breath has to be done in total awareness. Even once the students complete the Course they are not allowed to teach the Breaths to others.

When getting into the practice of any form of Kundalini or Energy activation technique, an aspirant should enquire whether it is based on The Descending Energy or Ascending Energy. If it is the course that deals with the Ascending Energy then one should make sure that she/he is under the close guidance of a teacher. The Ascending Energy technique will start with the lower chakras i.e. Muladhar, Swadhisthan and Manipur.This is very important because if the Ascending Energy is set in motion, it may start stirring up an individual’s illusions, deepest fears, insecurities, and attachments developed over lifetimes. It will start shaking up the conditioning, not only of the individual, but also of the collective consciousness.The online Course of TESB follows the Course of The Descending Energy. By following the course of The Descending Energy that travels down from Sahasrar, Ajna, Vishuddhi and Anahat to the Manipur chakra, a gradual purification and transformation has taken place that has prepared your body-mind organism to receive the Ascending Energy with awareness and full confidence. What was earlier viewed as complex will now be viewed as simple.The Course Book itself works as a guide to actualize your potential. What is required is to strictly follow the instructions and follow the sequence of the Breaths as they lock into each other. They should be learnt in order over a period of time. The Course, once started, has to be completed. You cannot drop it midway. TESB is complete in itself and how the student progresses depends on his/her dedication to the practice.

This is an online self-study Course in self-development and serves as a guide to aspirants on the spiritual path. It enables them to better understand who they are and helps them actualize their potential. How much time it takes an individual to actualize his/her potential depends on the aspirant’s mental, emotional and physical state of being. As stated earlier, the impact and extent of the benefits will depend on the aspirant’s sincerity, dedication, and receptivity towards the Course. The practice of these Breaths is a life long journey, and has to be integrated into an aspirant’s daily schedule.