Q. I am currently practising Kriya yoga, but I am also drawn to The Eight Spiritual Breaths. Will it lead to complications if I practise The Eight Spiritual Breaths along with the sadhana I am already doing?
A. Any spiritual practice that one follows will ultimately lead to the goal one has set for oneself. It is one’s sincerity and dedication that gives the desired result. So I would advise that you stay with Kriya yoga, as mixing any two techniques could create complications.

Q. I am practising basic Pranayamas like Bhastrika, Kapalabhati and Anuloma-Viloma. Can I incorporate The Eight Spiritual Breaths along with my daily sadhana?
A. Yes, you can incorporate The Eight Spiritual Breaths in your sadhana. Please note that The Eight Spiritual Breaths have to be done in the sequence as given in the book, as the breaths lock into each other. This means that you do not do two Breaths, then do the Kapalabhati, and then continue with the balance Breaths. It would be best to first do your regular practice of Pranayamas; take a break of 10-15 minutes, and then start on The Eight Spiritual Breaths.

Q. When I join the Course of The Eight Spiritual Breaths, can I teach another interested member of my family or a friend?
A. When you join the Course you cannot teach another person simultaneously for the simple reason that you are a beginner and don’t know the subject yourself, nor are you sure whether you are performing the Breaths correctly. Each Breath has to be done in total awareness. Teaching another person at the initial stage would be like a Class 1 student teaching another Class 1 student.

Merely learning the Breaths and getting into the practice without understanding the subtle effect on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body can create disharmony in the system. You will only gain this level of understanding after going through the complete Course yourself, along with all the Course material provided, and after you have been regularly practicing the Breaths, Affirmations and Meditations for some time and have become proficient in them.