17th August 2024, Santosh Ma Online Live Zoom Course.




Journey of the Atman

From the Spiritual Heart to the Sahasrar

3 Videos

As the kundalini shakti moves upwards, clearing all blockages in its path of ascension, one discovers that at each stage the individual is evolving to a higher level of consciousness.

Only when the Ajna completely opens up and wisdom prevails, the kundalini shakti is then able to move into the Sahasrar chakra. However, this process of “The Sacred Journey To The Sahasrar’, cannot be willed. The essence of this amazing journey, its various milestones, the accompanying attributes, and the role of Grace, are shared in great detail by Santosh Ma with the support of her powerful sacred visuals. Such a detailed visual depiction is rare and unique.

The Course covers:

Spiritual Ladder : The necessity of ascension and Grace
Spiritual Hand : The support from ascended masters
Celestial Bird : The descent of supreme knowledge
Shaktipat – Act of Grace : The final steps of ascension, can be challenging
Body of Gold : The importance of complete cleansing & purification of the human body and mind
The Region of Om : The cosmic connection

“...our true being is the reality that never changes, and is not bound by time or space. It is immortal and self-existent. It always was, is, and ever will be.” The EIght Spiritual Breaths

INR 20,000

Can be accessed on completion of Spiritual Evolution 2


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